About me Angie Alexandra

Every ceremony is unique and every person, couple and family has individual needs.  I find out what you'd like for your ceremony which I'd create in advance so we can make any changes so your ceremony is exactly as you wish on the day.
I invite as much or as little input into a ceremony as you wish to have.  I guide you when needed, giving ideas and suggestions when needed, and we make a plan as to how you'd like to prepare.  We can use email, phone, Skype, Facetime, or good old fashioned meeting face to face!  Whatever combination would be easiest for you.


If you're getting married, we'll spend time exploring and discussing what will be meaningful to both of you to include in your ceremony, which will really help you to feel ready and prepared on the day, even if you begin to feel nervous leading up to the ceremony.  I give final editorial control to all my clients, which means that you can relax and enjoy your ceremony, knowing I'm not going to do or say anything you're not happy about.



I know a funeral ceremony can be so helpful when it's done well, and I've heard how distressing it can be when it's not or it doesn't reflect the person it's for.  I intend that the funerals I hold are the right combination of celebration, thanksgiving and remembering, bringing together both the personal and the sacred.


More and more parents want their children to choose their own path of religion or spirituality when they're older, yet they still want to celebrate the safe arrival of the child, and name the child officially whilst welcoming them to their family and community.


Interfaith ceremonies are inclusive in their nature and wording and we welcome Humanists and Religious devotees alike, those who consider themselves Spiritual, and everyone inbetween.  

I'm not personally affiliated to any church or religious or spiritual tradition or organisational doctrine so I can represent YOU!  

I'm a minister in service of people from all faiths and no faith with a view to there being more peace in the world.  The whole world is my parish but happily most of the work I'm asked to do is in beautiful Scotland!  

I consider my own beliefs to be irrelevant when working with you and writing your ceremony, other than believing that every individual has their own inner path to love, wisdom and peace within, and I consider it's my job to help a person connect to that, and define what that means in the context of a ceremony.

If I believe in anything, I believe in a brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity, and that with open hearts and minds, together with kindness and goodwill, it's possible for people who don't believe in a higher power of any kind, to come together with those who are devoutly religious or spiritual - I think it is possible for all those present to join together for ritual and ceremony, with love and acceptance - to celebrate the arrival of the child, the joining of the couple or the life of the loved one who has passed on. And it gives me great pleasure to be here offering to do just that!

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