We are interfaith celebrants and non-denominational ministers
here to help with your ceremony needs whatever they are
and we can help with a ceremony if you feel you're . . . 

  • RELIGIOUS in an alternative way - perhaps you find some parts of your faith fit for you, but not all
  • SPIRITUAL but not religious
  • AGNOSTIC or aren’t sure what you believe
  • NON-RELIGIOUS but you believe in something
  • A HUMANIST or non-believer or ATHEIST
  • SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS but your beliefs come from more than one path and you don’t attend a house of worship or practice formally
  • UNDEFINED as you don't follow a particular path but have a spiritual understanding and a belief in a Higher Power using a term you feel comfortable with which may be God or may be something else
  • SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS, but for some reason, those who are in a position to support you are unwilling or unable to respond to your ceremony needs

We hold all the usual types of ceremonies in either a traditional or alternative format - the usual 'catches, matches, hatches and despatches' as it were.

Marriage Ceremonies

We hold ceremonies of marriage which can be personal and meaningful and handcrafted for you.  Your ceremony can be legal in Scotland and held anywhere indoors or outdoors, and your ceremony can also be held legally in certain places in England such as churches and licenced temples, halls and premises.  Many of the couples we marry in England and Wales pop in to the Registry Office to take care of the legality a day or so before their wedding ceremony, which can then be held anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Baby Namings

There is no legal aspect to a baby blessing or naming which can take place in any location and in any format.

Funerals or Memorials

Many of us are able to respond to requests to hold a funeral or memorial ceremony, or to assist with pre-preparing a ceremony when someone wishes to put their funeral wishes in writing.

Spiritual counselling

And if you would like someone to talk to, to encourage or support you, most of us offer spiritual counselling and spiritual direction.

Other ceremonies

More and more peope are recognising the wisdom of ceremony and ritual for rites of passage and life changes other than weddings, namings and funerals.  

To give you an idea . . .

Invoking a Child
Healing Around a Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Preparing to Give Birth
Family Blessing or Blessing of Children
Naming a Baby or Child
Blessing Children of Any Age
Celebrating and Marking Menstruation
Honouring Significant Adults (like Mentors or Guardians)
Coming of Age / Entering Adulthood
Birthday Blessings of any age
LGBTQ Coming Out
Naming and Blessing for an Adult
Commitment / Engagement / Betrothal
The Bride Preparing for Marriage
(a meaningful gathering with closest women friends)

The Groom Preparing for Marriage
(a meaningful gathering with closest men friends)

Renewal of Vows
Parenthood through Adoption
Ceremony of Divorce or Separation
Ceremony of Healing
Parents Committing to Children when Separating
Blessing a House / Project / Business
Entering Retirement or the Third Age for Women
Children Leaving Home or Going Travelling
Funerals for Pets

Whether you're thinking of a small or large group or a one on one session, we’re here to help, so please know that your initial enquiry will be responded to sensitively, without judgement, and we will do our best to help.