I am Rosie Hedley a professional celebrant.  I have been taking ceremonies for over ten years.  I love working with people and enjoy enabling people to have the type of ceremony they wish.  This can include religion but can also be religion free or a combination of religious and non-religious.  I am at your service to develop the ceremony of your choice.


I believe that everyone is entitled to the service that they want for their loved ones and what their loved ones would have wished.  I am very happy to deliver an individual service for any family with or without religion included.  Everyone is an individual and that is why I believe it is important for all people to have choice, and the opportunity to take part in the service with memories, poems or readings, if they wish.  Their inclusion often helps with the healing process of loss.  I always like to meet with my families to enable me to build up a full picture of their loved ones and for the family to feel at ease with me and for them to feel supported by me.

I will deliver the services in a gentle respectful manner ensuring that the families have opportunity to contact me for further support if they wish.  I am happy to support or redirect them to relevant organisations as individual needs become apparent.

Naming Ceremony

The naming ceremony is a very special time when a lovely child can be welcomed into the family and the community.  They may have allocated people chosen by the family to help and support them during their life.  Special people for a special child who will give a commitment to that lovely child.  I will work with the family to arrange the service to be unique and relevant to their personal requirements containing the welcome, naming and promises of parents and supporters and closing words.  This can include prayers, and bible readings or have their own welcoming words to greet the child.

Wedding Blessing

A ceremony that is a spiritual blessing of a legal wedding service, performed in a Registered place by a registrar.  The blessing service is not legally binding but is an opportunity to allow the couple to declare their love to each other publicly, exchanging their vows and spiritually blessing of the rings in front of their family and friends.


"Hi Rosie, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful service you did for our precious baby.  Your presence was warming and a blessing to us.  We will hold you dearly in our hearts."

"Dear Rosie, thank you so much for making our wedding day such a memorable and wonderful day.  I can' tell you how much we appreciated all you did to make the day so special.  The service was so personal and uplifting.  It was everything we could have wished for."

Rosie Hedley

For religious and non-religious funerals, naming and wedding ceremonies in Kent, please contact Rosie Hedley by email or phone:
07437 018652