More and more peope are recognising the wisdom of our ancestors in using ceremony and ritual for rites of passage and life changes other than weddings, namings and funerals.  To give you an idea . . .
Invoking a Child
Healing Around a Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Preparing to Give Birth
Family Blessing or Blessing of Children
Naming a Baby or Child
Blessing Children of Any Age
Celebrating and Marking Menstruation
Honouring Significant Adults (like Mentors or Guardians)
Coming of Age / Entering Adulthood
Birthday Blessings of any age
LGBTQ Coming Out
Naming and Blessing for an Adult
Commitment / Engagement / Betrothal
The Bride Preparing for Marriage
(a meaningful gathering with closest women friends)

The Groom Preparing for Marriage
(a meaningful gathering with closest men friends)

Renewal of Vows
Parenthood through Adoption
Ceremony of Divorce or Separation
Ceremony of Healing
Parents Committing to Children when Separating
Blessing a House / Project / Business
Entering Retirement or the Third Age for Women
Children Leaving Home or Going Travelling
Funerals for Pets

Whether you're thinking of a small or large group or a one on one session, we’re here to help, so please know that your initial enquiry will be responded to sensitively.