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I am a professional Celebrant and have been conducting ceremony for over fourteen years. I do not impose my beliefs or values or any of the families I work with nor do I wear any special garments or insist on prayers or hymns, the choice of content is entirely yours. I enjoy working with families where there are a mixture of beliefs and specialise in combining religious and non-religious elements within the one ceremony.

I'm based near Limpsfield, Surrey and offer alternative ceremonies in Surrey and throughout the UK.


Bereavement is one of the hardest experiences we ever have to go through in our lives. The funeral service can be a major part of the grieving process and, if handled appropriately, it is the first step in accepting our loss and beginning our healing progression.

Each person is unique and deserves to be given an individual funeral service, one which reflects their beliefs, their character and their achievements. I like to meet with the family to hear about their loved one, to understand how the family and friends need to say their farewells and and then weave a ceremony around those wishes.

A funeral service should have two distinct purposes: it should respect and celebrate the life of our loved one AND it should be healing and cathartic for all of those left behind.

Naming Ceremony

It is such an exciting time when a baby is born and increasingly parents wish to publically welcome their child into their family and community without having a formal christening service, leaving the child to choose their own religious or spiritual path in the future. 

Families are free to choose prayers and Bible readings or to choose to have poems and speeches welcoming their child to their family.

Wedding Blessings

I offer two types of wedding blessing ceremonies to my clients. The first type of ceremony is a spiritual blessing after a legal wedding service in a Registry Office. The blessing has no legal content but allows the couple to publically declare their love for one another and to exchange their vows in front of their guests.

The second type of blessing is pre-nuptial ceremony. It is very easy to be overtaken by the numerous practical matters involved in organising your Wedding Day and to forget why you are choosing to marry your fiancée. A pre-nuptial blessing is a very small, intimate ceremony, involving just those people who are closest to the couple; the ceremony creates the opportunity for the couple to pause for a brief while, to re-connect with what is truly important to them and to share their hopes, dreams and promises of what married life means to them.


But perhaps it is best to let my families speak for me with the following extracts I have received:

“One of my cousins said her father was so impressed (with the funeral) he wants the same when it is his time! It is such a pleasure to meet and work with nice people I am sorry it has ended!”

“I have to say that such beautiful and poignant words still resonate deeply. Thank you for allowing such a time to be taken with appropriate dignity, gracious poise and dedicated professionalism.”

“Thank you for the bottom of my heart for helping to make our last goodbyes such a touching and healing experience.”

“I am so thrilled at what we achieved for Mum it was exactly as I had pictured it in my mind. The atmosphere was wonderful. Everything you did from the prayers you chose to the address was spot on and I have re-read the service several times to take it all in.”

“Everybody said how lovely a service it was, Laura and I had compliments from the militant atheists and very religious attendees (Including a Salvation Army member), so you clearly have a talent… You really were absolutely the perfect choice for the service.”

Religious and non-religious Ceremonies in Surrey & UK

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